Terms of Use
Monthly Subscribers

Monthly subscribers will be given a free 14 day trial of the Results Roundtable once they have entered all their payment and contact information. No charges will occur on the member’s credit card until the end of that 14 day trial.

Cancellation of Monthly Subscription

The member may cancel at any time by emailing resultsroundtable@bryandodge.com.

Once the member’s card is charged, the member has agreed to continue his/her membership for at least the next 30 days.

There will be no refund of that charge.

However, the member can prevent any future charges and cancel any time before the next monthly charge happens by emailing the address above.

Annual Subscribers

Annual subscribers will save 50% of the total yearly cost by paying up front. A member’s card will be charged immediately for the reduced annual offer. The member will have a 30 day trial period.

Cancellation of Annual Membership

At any time within the 30 day trial period the member decides that this isn’t for them, they can send an email to the address above, and cancel their membership. They will receive a full refund, no questions asked.

However, once the 30 day trial is up, there will be no refund.

It is the member’s responsibility to keep up with the trial period and how many days are left on it.

Membership Information

Each member will receive access to an account creation page where they will set up their login information. This is exclusive to the paying member only and under no circumstance can this be shared with anyone that is not that member.

If we see that a member’s account creation page has been shared, and was used by somebody else to set up a second account without subscribing, we will shut that account down and pursue all outstanding charges from the original member it was issued to.

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